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Which area of New Zealand would suit me?

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I'm seriously thinking about moving to New Zealand to work for a year or so and see if I want to migrate completely. I'm a forester and from what I've read it isn't too hard to find a job in most of the country. I'm happy to work both in planted forests as well as native bushland and reserves and so on.

Now to my question. I'm wondering what area of the country would be best suited for me. I understand that a place like this can't meet all my needs/interests. I am not a huge city person and prefer to live rural, but it would be nice to live close to a larger city (not more than half an hours drive or so).

Some of my leisure activities are reliant on the ocean, such as surfing and spearfishing. So I guess it would have to be a coastal region where there are good opportunities for those activities.

A decent amount of time i spend in the forest/bush where I like to do hiking (or tramping as Kiwi's call it), hunting and fly fishing. I guess this can be done in most places as well.

Rugby is something that I enjoy which, to be fair, probably is almost everywhere and I enjoy motorsport too, but that is not too important.

Growing my own vegetables is a must and what I'm really looking forward too would be is growing my own more exotic fruit trees like avocado, pomegranate, figs, olives, citrus fruits, dragon fuit etc.. I guess that rules out almost the entire south island, which is a pity as the views are amazing and as a scandinavian I do not really mind the cold.

It would also be nice to have some sort of hotsprings not too far away, but it doesn't have to be in my backyard.

Thanks for your answers and good luck I guess.

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    Hi my advice is dont bother ! its a shit hole now they have ruined everything in the last 15 years the place is a degenerate dump of a country full of degenerate people !!! see blog above yours .......

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