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Conmen selling 2006 Toyota Prado - OMR 3,500 on Oman Just Landed Classifieds

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Original link on justlanded Oman is:

Do not engage with or reply to this person because its a 100% verified car spam/ fraud that has been posted similarly on million of other websites including places like Dubai, Qatar and KSA forums.

Below is my correspondence with him and you most probably will get the same replies if you try to contact him however if you have a free-time, you can give the guy a hard time and send him an email saying that you are in UK around Berkshire and would like to take a look at the car. Would be interesting to see what his excuse would be.

Now Correspondence below:

From: schotil mike [[...]] Sent: Thu 10-Nov-11 03:47 PM
To: [...]
Subject: [BULK] RE: Just Landed: reply to your post

My car is in the best condition, has no technical issues ,full service history. The car has Oman registration and gulf specs. I worked in Oman for some years and I've purchased the car there. My company which had some contracts in Middle East zone wanted me back home, so currently I'm in England (United Kingdom).
The car it's now located in ENGLAND - United Kingdom, Berkshire.
I'm trying to sell it at this price because I don`t use it anymore (the steering wheel is on left side and it's very difficult for me to drive it), it`s a pity to keep such a car and not to use it. UK registration tax is too high and i need money urgently to pay my House Bank Credit Debts,i just received a CCJ. I tried to sell the car in United Kingdom, but nobody want`s to buy a left side steering wheel car.
I listed my car on Oman websites so i can sell it faster. The price is correct and the car can be transported to any location because my car is already to an Transport company from UK. I paid them to take care for my car sale protection. I can deliver the car to any location in Middle East.
Please write me back to discuss only if you are interested!

Warmest greetings !

From: schotil mike [[...]] Sent: Fri 11-Nov-11 01:23 AM
To: [...]
Subject: RE: [BULK] RE: Just Landed: reply to your post

I would like to read the transaction terms and to take a final decision.
I already signed an agreement with an transport company ,one of the largest and known in Europe and I paid them all the delivery taxes and the delivery insurance because I am interested to sell my car in good conditions . The car is ready to be transported to the new owner location . This is the only way and my only condition in this transaction to use this company because they will secure this deal for us .
The terms of the Transport Company Transaction Protection are :
1) I need your transport information ,means name ,delivery address and phone number in order to contact the company to start the transaction.
2) You will receive a notification from the transport company as a confirmation that the car is in their custody and also that the car has been tested.
3) You will have to make a deposit payment to the transport company Bank Account as a guarantee..
4) The transport company will verify the payment and if everything is in order they will deliver the car to your location address.
5) After you will receive the car and you will be completely satisfied with it, you will confirm to the transport company your decision. You have 10 days to make a total inspection of the car and take a decision.
6) The transport company will take care for all export paper, work documents and they help you to register the car under your name,because i empowered them by a notary to register the car on my behalf.

I will not receive any p ayment ,first the payment for the car will go into the Shipping Company Bank Account .
The car delivery time to your location will be between 8 - 10 days .
Transport company protection will keep your money in their bank account ,until you receive the car and the documents of the car.
After you receive the car - You will have an inspection period of 10 days,I think that is enough to verify the car .
In this time you can check, test and inspect the car documents. If by any reason (the car has any hidden damage or it isn't like i describe it) you can reject the deal. In this case the transport company will refund your deposit back in full and they will ship the car back on my cost. The car was verified by the transport company qualified automotive technician and the car have passed all the test with no problems.
Warmest greetings !

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