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Marriage permit and baby

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Dear All,

I would like to ask for information and experience about marrying officially, governmentally an omani man.

I from Europe and I am Muslim. I had Islamic wedding with an omani man outside Oman.
So our relationship is halal, we are clean in front of Allah. I know we have to wait for the permission of the ministry to get married governmentally, but we are waiting so long and we want to live in Oman together.

Moreover I am 3 month pregnant now.
We want our baby to have the omani nationality.
Is anybody know what will be our punishment in that case we did not wait for the government permission to get married, and we got married outside Oman, and we are having a baby?
I hope they will not put my husband to prison.
And I am afraid they don’t let me enter Oman. :( Both of us are scared now. :(
What should we do next? Where do we have to do the baby’s documentation and where to deliver him?
Will I able to get family visa and residence permit?

Please share with me if anyone knows something about this case.

Thank you in advance!

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