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Men and women's clothing

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Why do the men wear white robes and the women wear black robes in Oman? I understand that it's to keep cooler, but why the difference in colors? White reflects light and is cooler, while black absorbs light and is hotter. What are they trying to do to the poor women over there, roast them alive?

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    Thank you so much for clearing this up

  • jeff moos

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    i dont know why people got nervious when they answering the quetion why its black for women and white for men...
    so no need to be nervious...yea why? its culture...there is no reason meaning for the color...and i think men wearing different color than white...they can wear black as well...but for women they can wear different color but not with this style which is called "abayah"....:) becasue the design for this type of cloth (the black one) is only for "abaya" style...
    thats the reason i guess which is not reason rather than a culture...:)
    its not related with islam at all...its not related to discramincy between women and men at all...

    by the way you r wearing black cloths vanessa...becarful that u will not roast alivehahaha :)


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    if you need any Answers about islam also i am ready and opend mind.
    thank you again

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    Hi Ali,

    This is the most satisfactory answer I've had so far. Thank you so much for clearing this up, Ali.

  • wax man

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    i was sending my message for her my dear brother..

    all the best my dear friend

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    I didt ask any question

    posted by  Ali riyami in Oman forum 

    i didt ask any question.

    most of omanis answer a right answer not just for answering .
    i hope you got the point.

  • wax man

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    most of the omani people give an answer for your question. hope you get the point.

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    True to your tongue

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    al salaam Vanessa

    Well i hope every one is fine...

    i would like to answer the American lady ..And i think understand what she mean guys ...she is just trying to know why men wear white and women wear black...

    We wear white because is related to religion issue in Islam.
    White indicates PEACE were our prophet Mohammed was always wearing WHITE. And maybe most of Omanis also don’t know that why they wear white.

    And why women’s wear black its religion issue also and most of them also don’t know that one of our prophet Mohamed wife’s was wearing a full of black (sidad aysha) .

    You can ask me also saying why other Muslim countries not doing that
    My answer is you can find other Muslims countries are wearing (means white women black) few of those countries

    i hope i have answer the lady .

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