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Men and women's clothing

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Why do the men wear white robes and the women wear black robes in Oman? I understand that it's to keep cooler, but why the difference in colors? White reflects light and is cooler, while black absorbs light and is hotter. What are they trying to do to the poor women over there, roast them alive?

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  • wax man

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    i know what she mean and i read behind the meaning and i think i can read english and even i dont got it i will use (English+Arabic) dictionary... but she was only one meaning of (why women have black, why mean have white) wearing??? becuase of the hot weather here in oman or lets say in our area.

    and i think she read alot of wrong info about us , and we cannot asked peole to change them idea of us. but we try to clear it to them only....

    and for you my brother dont get to much Serious.. she asked and we only answers the questions..

    best regards

  • wax man

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    and as i said ms vanessa , not only black. even other color too. and for more info my dear that w ehave something call (officially dress) that mean if i go to work in GOV minisrty or even in some companies have to wear white only... this not fixed by me its gov roles.....

    got it....

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    I'm sorry, I think you took my meaning of "poor women" a little too seriously. It just seems that they would be hotter in black than white. So men can wear black, too? Do many men do?

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    there is something behind the teaching
    just go thru the story and open your mind

  • wax man

    what you mean by that....

    posted by  wax man in Oman forum 

    her??? she is even never come to oman yet... she just plan to come to be english teacher in oman .. she just asked for info and our life style only...


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    just take my advice
    and dont west our time
    go back to your home

  • wax man

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    i just likes to ask you, are you coming here in this web to ask for info or you tring to attack muslim country or muslim people?????
    because all your questions in , always attacks a our ways of life in a country that might be feel its in middle of nowhere!!!!!!

    in the end of all of this i will answers your questions....

    1- women wear black robes : this dress is one of the famous a dress in gulf area, why its black because its the only color that matchh with it, so if you use red or green , its will not match. in same times girls always tring to improve it by add a new fashion styles( to be moderan) . but its will never change the color.( will be same : black)

    in same times , women have the right here to wear as they want but they always try to follow the religion that (you cannot understand)

    2-men while black absorbs: this is the natural dress in oman and gulf area , even in some other countries in middle east and asia(some people are using it).
    but the gulf area we waer it all the time (work time i mean, day time also) because we dont use its when we play football, sleep,inside the house.
    its the traditional and the most wearing clothe in gulf area, in same time can be used with other color because its match with men. its not always white.(can be black) as same as women.

    in the last of my asnwers of your questions , i want to say some words about poor women??????? what you mean by poor women?
    we respect women as much as in other countries in world.
    the poor women and let me say here in oman the most success than men in (business, education, monthly income)
    yah most in the university and lets say in sultan qaboos university its full of girls why? because the girls are much smart than guys here.. and this is truth that we cannot hide.
    nowadays women earn monthly income more than any men here, why?? because they are more educated then men.

    the poor women as you thinks in oman role:

    4 Ministries : 1-high education ministry, 2-tourism ministry, 3- local traditional ministry and in last 4- local society ministry.

    so are they poor as you think???????

    in the end in last two years here in oman, (his majesty sutlan qaboos the sultan of oman )give alot of women the right of living a life as men such as:
    1- 500 full schoolershipp from his majesty.
    2-give a right to won a land from the government by be only government Official paper fee.
    3-have the right to have jobs as men with same payment.
    4-even women can be in army , police and security officers(that was only job for men).

    do you things really our women are poor ? nice jok

    alllLLLLLLLLLLL the best

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