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How r u keeping.

Yes you can travel alone. Oman is a very peaceful country. You can walk alone. You can use airport taxi on your arrival. When you are in the hotel, you can use either the hotel taxi which is very expensive or any other normal taxi. All taxi are with Omani drivers so normally it's secure and peacefull. Of course, they are very rare cases with issues but not that you should worry about as this happened everywhere. But the policing here has its hand over the country normally.

Oman is a very nice country and Omanis are too nice and very kind. You can see many places here.

If I am of any help, please let me know.

Take care

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    Indeed Oman is a very safe place to travel. Contact here if you want any guidance for traveling in oman contact here : (

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    Definitely Oman is very safe for ladies to travel alone, and you can many of them espcially arab women driving or walking alone.

    Let me know if you want any guidance for your tour.


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    Yes you can travel alone.
    Oman is a very peaceful country


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    The climate in muscat is not really bad now but yes the best time is from Oct till Feb. you can check the temp in the net.

    Take care

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    From November till February will be the best time to visit Oman. Now the climate is too too hot.

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