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i want to marry omani girl

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i ,m in love with an Omani girl from last 10 years.. so guys please help me out is that possibe for me to get married to an Omani girl.. i am ready to settled down in Oman. and i want to get an Omani Nationality too..

  • wax man

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    the only way my dear to marry him ,,, he have to got this gov permisssion only... because if he go and marry you without a gov permisssion , he will face the jail of 3 months to 1 years , kick him out of his job if he work in gov job or pay 2000 OR to gov because he did not follow the ruls (law) in oman law...

    the solution : the omani guy have to marry out the county but you most know that ,,,he cannot bring his wife(you) to oman , his(your kids) will (never) get omani passport...
    and even the apply its will take long time to get this passport.

    so if u want to marry him ask him to marry you and forgrt his country... the only solution without gov permisssion ...

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    Assalamu alaikum everybody !!!

    This is similar to my case. What to do, Im in love with an Omani guy. When he told me his country is strict to marry foreigner I didnt believe that. Now im in my country. I did research on that, and found out that the government in Oman is indeed very strict. Although I do not understand if I marry omani guy what harm I bring to his life or to Oman?. I do not want marrying somebody else. But yesterday he wrote me that it is impossible for him coming to my country.

    I am very upset about this. Can anybody give me advice?

    Warmest Regards,

  • wax man

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    as i know ..

    the girl that you love with her !!!!! : need 2 Permissions
    1-her family first , if that she younger than 18 years old. if her dad said no= mean you have to go to court.

    2-Ministry of Interior permisssion = its the hard to get this kind of Permission.

    and i heard from the guys around that omani girls never get this permission, if you marry her , the gov will not going to give passport to you or ur kids.

    i have a friend here in oman , his mother omani and his father from yemen,,, till now live in oman by using his yemen passport.. so he live with his mom (omani) but he is yemeni. and every 6 months he have to renow his visa....

    he apply for passport , still never get it.

    all the best

  • Syed Akhter

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    Mr. Mohsin, It is possible to marry to Omani girl. first she will take Permission to Ministry of Interior the allow to permisssion then you will get marry.

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