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Looking for more like minded people to meet up with...

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Hello all,

I arrived in Lima almost two weeks ago and I have yet to find anyone here in Lima that is into energy work "healing" etc. Of course there is a language barrier I am working to close at the moment, but as anyone knows it is a little difficult to learn a language overnight :)

I would love to hear from some people that are into energy work and healing, teaching and or want to learn of such things. I have been doing healing work now for over 17 years and I absolutely love to teach and of course learn. I know there is the weekly meeting at Starbucks, and one day I will also meet up with these great people. But right now I would really like to network into energy and other healing modalities, and of course teach if interested.

If this sounds like your cup of tea feel free in contacting me.

Love and Light,

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