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Personalized Services With the Aim of Helping You Succeed in Your Career.

Our services are 100% personalized and tailored to your needs. Each CV and cover letter is individually prepared based on details about your qualifications and career goals. Our Personalized CV Distribution Service uses a specialized method of sending your CV to employers with job positions in your field of work, increasing your chances of succeeding in your job search. To date, most of our clients have reported to have obtained a job within two months of having their CV distributed! If you haven't found a job within two months, we follow up with a one-day Quick redistribution of your CV.

In our CV distribution service, we use the policy of quality, not quantity. Instead of sending your CV to tens of thousands of employers, we use a selective method, matching your qualifications to job profiles and sending your CV only to those employers who are likely to hire you. In addition, we tailor your cover letter to each job applied for. This further increases your chances of being successful.

Furthermore, all clients are entitled to free career advice, helping them make realistic choices about their career.

Our services are available globally through regional associates, including in the UK.
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