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Childrens Home - need your vote

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My mother funded a children’s home on the Philippines back in 2007. About 20 young kids currently have found their home and family in this orphanage. Care and education for these kids is being supported by donations. But I’m not sending you this for donations, I would just like to get your vote for this good cause, as a Dutch organization has put a reward of €25.735 for the project with the most votes.
My mom’s children’s home is one of the 26 projects listed. Voting started on March 15th and will end March 31st. Would you please help me by voting (only able if you have a LinkedIn account) and forwarding this to others? It’s a quick thing to do but could mean so much for these less fortunate kids!

Thanks so much!

Voting (please give all 10 points to the childrens home project):

Website (in Dutch but just let me know if you'd like to receive English info):

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