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Detached passport cover

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Need advise my son passport cover been detached, kuwait embassy in the philippines did not stamp the visa due to this reason & advise us to go to dfa. Dfa wants to issue new passport to replace the the detached one. The problem is the details on his visa shows the passport of the old one. The agency inform us that if they will issue new passport it will have problem with the visa and has to apply again for new visa with shows the new passport number and it will take another 3 to 4 months waiting again. Please anyone can help us on this.

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    Hi Lynne,

    They are doing this for security reasons and there's nothing we can do about it. If you have to wait again to be issued a new passport, then that's what you should do. Be careful with the new passport and the visa once you get them, my friend who has been approved of a tourist visa with multiple entry of 10 yrs from the USA lost his passport, the embassy said he have to apply for a new visa even if the one that was lost together with his passport is still valid.
    I'll wish you luck.

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