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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone, I am new here so thought best to introduce myself... My name is Tony and at the moment I live on the south coast of England.. waiting for the time that I can travel again, I am 74 years old but in fair health with an urge for a new experience in my life before I pop my clogs ...So a few years back and after my beloved wife passed away I decided to try the East after getting fed up with the Med. places to holiday...SO, I tried the Phillies for a couple of weeks with a Filipino G/F that I had been online with for a year but that did nor work out (It was my decision to finish - I will tell why if I am asked....) so I tried Thailand and was quite taken with the place .. had a G/F there too but a money grabber so I finished that as well .... I chatted to a younger lady from the Philippines for a long while until she said that she would like to meet me... I refused and pushed here away as I felt that at 44 she was too young for me... but time passed and I thought maybe give it a try so I met her in her home place - Bacoor ... We hit it off straight away even though I told her that I had no money only an income ... I came back to the UK to sort things out as I had decided to come to the Philippines for three months at a time whether or not we hit it off together long term (I have nothing to lose so why not) I did not know that she has the chance to go to the USA to live but she would give that up for me....... SO... I now wait for when I am able to get into the Philippines.. I had planned December 1st .. But with this Pandemic who knows???

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