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How can I buy a property in the philippines? Do they allow foreigners to buy properties there?

  • Lucy Cornehell

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    I agree that a lot of investors indeed wanted to buy even a residential condominium in the Philippines nowadays, because it is really attractive investment destination for them.

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    As mentioned before, you won't be able to buy land but you can buy a property in a building, like an apartment or condominium. When it comes to buying land, you may be able to work with some Filipino citizens but they'll have to be part owners of that land.

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    Foreigners are not allowed to own 100% of a property. You need a Filipino partner or co-maker/co-owner. But there are other options in where foreigners can actually own something. You may check out SRRV. (Google it and see the privileges when having that Visa.)

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    Yes you can buy. My aunt is a filipina and his husband is a foreigner. They bought a 2 units in DMCI Homes. And they're satisfied with the developer.

  • Gabrielle Cruz

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    Yes you can, only if you are married to a Filipino, or if you have a close relative married to a Filipino. Otherwise, you can only buy a condo, not a single-detached home.

    here's a few more information for investment for Expats

  • Mary Ann Bolanos

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    Yes, you can buy condominium units. Let me know if you like to buy.

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    Yes you can buy unless if you are now Filipino Citizen ....

  • Dianne Fandino

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    Yes you can buy properties here in the Philippines, but with the exception that you can only buy Condominiums. For properties like House and Lot you are require to have a partner that is a Filipino Nationality.

    For affordable properties please check our house and lot in cavite

  • Viviene Tan

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    As long as you married to aforeigner, then I think you can buy property in the Philippines. If you are looking some properties like condos and houses, you can visit here

  • Bert Santos

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    Foreigners are not allowed to acquire real estate properties in the Philippines, unless you have a joint business with a Filipino in the Philippines. But the Filipino should own 60% of the business. The simplest way for a foreigner to acquire real estate properties is to have a Filipino spouse purchase a property in his/her name. Foreigners acquire some tangible assets but not real estate.

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