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Pws emigration to the Philppines

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I'm Jennifer and this year I take part in a worldschool project. We have to create an information kit for people who remain in the Philippines for a longer time. Before that I need some information about people who have done this already. Would you like to fill out the questionnaire below? Thanks!
1. What is your age?
2. What do you have for work and what are the job opportunities in the Philippines?
3. What is you current living situation?
4. What is the reason that you are left to the Philippines?
5. How long have you been in the Philippines and how do you see your stay there so far?
6. How was the procedure?
7. What is the quality of the health care?
8. How is it arranged with insurance?
9. How do you have your residence permit/visa arranged?
10. what problems do you have with the country?
11. What kind of politic system do they have in the Philippines?
12. are you quickly got used to the culture?
13. What do you notice of the ' war of drugs ' at this time?

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