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Vacating the Philippine

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I very much like this country, God willing, I intend to move permanently.I am interested in housing prices, has the internet but it is better to speak with someone directly.What are the conditions that I open my company as a foreigner, what is most profitable to open.I do not care to get rich just to live decently.That means that prices of apartments or houses, and needed money for business.

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  • Cristel B

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    Hi nice to hear that you consider to establish yourself in the Philippines. First, if you intend to buy a house and lot, you cannot do so but you can buy condominium. The ranges of prices will vary on the location and size of the condo you can have at condo unit from 2 million (philippine currency) or as much as 15 Million. If you want to rent you can have a good place from 15 thousand to 35,000 again depending on the location and size.
    With respect to your intend to put up a business, well you have to set yourself what type of business you will put up. Right now tourism is booming you can think of thing related to tourism. The food industry is also good and the BPO (call center are profitable)> I hope this help you decide in some ways.

  • leona Perez

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    Great choice, I will always comeback to Philippines as well no matter what. I hope everything works out for you, cheers!

  • reme vill

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    Hi I'm happy to hear that you've got interested to stay in my own country.i think better u come and visit here in the phillipine so that I will show a few places.i got my own car so easy to take u anywhere here .this is my email [...] or u can call me my no.09066717622

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    It is good to hear that you've got interest to live in my country. Philippines is indeed a beautiful place to live. You can open any business as long as you abide my country's laws. I really recommend that you abide our laws even if many our actually violating it native or foreigners. You can establish food chain, hardware stores, engineering and construction firms and more. There are low rates of apartments and others are also high depending on the location. If you want a very elegant apartment, then the monthly rental may vary from 15,000 pesos - 20000 pesos. Low cost is 3000 pesos to 5000 pesos. 1 USD = 42 pesos current rate.

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