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cohabitation visa belgium embassy

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hello people!!

is anybody already experience applied for cohabitation visa belgium embassy of manila and already now in belgium??

need some hint.. :)

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    can i ask, do u have the contact number of the attorney who help u to sued the embassy at court coz like u, i get denied also for cohabitation visa but we still waiting for what reason why i get denied coz i see only at site the result but they dnt give the reason yet, i wait for email from embassy,..

    my bf get depress already coz of the result, he feel hopeless but i try to find way,..

    hope u can help me,..


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    Hi Nim, I would like to ask what is the name of the lawyer you used to sue the immigration in brussels? My application for cohabitation visa was denied as well. It seems like our application was wrongly evaluated in Brussels. Did you file an appeal?

  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

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  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

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    Here. My boyfriend.


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    Thank you..yes I'm stil 21 yrs old. And you how old are you? So after wen u was refuse u file the case there in Belgium court? Who file for it?

  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

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    My life is better here. I study their language in the morning and part time in the afternoon. More possibilities and opportunities here if you only know what you like. We won Nov 2010. Just a month after. Thats how fast the system here.

    So your partner also lives near the central station cause the zoo is just beside it.

    Hope you can come here. You`re still too young. Goodluck to your visa application.

  • helo nem

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    My partner he live very close to the zoo.. when did u file the case? And wen u won the case?glad ur already in's life in Belgium?

  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

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    i live not so far from the central station

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    thank u so much for this very kind long letter! im so glad u replied!

    u know what i was already twice refused! the first i applied for tourist visa and it was refused second time i applied for cohabitation visa we have gave a lot of paper-works to prove our relationship to the embassy but then it was refused bcos i was only 20 years old wen i applied for cohabitation visa and the refusal of my visa say's that i must be 21 years old to apply for cohabitation now that im already 21 yrs old i apply again for cohabitation visa, we are wishing and hoping my visa will be approved bcos u know what we are already now 3years and 7 months and that we have already see each other for over 196days in reality..

    by the way when did u applied for cohabitation visa? which place are u in antwerpen?

    niceto talk to you,


  • Nim Sarsha Estorninos

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    Hi Ruffa,

    I have applied for cohabitation visa there in Manila. Im now here in Belgium for more than a year.

    Hint??? If you look at the website of Belgian embassy under cohabitation visa, there are requirements and conditions there that you need to follow to be a qualified applicant for cohabitation visa. As far as I remember, it is stated there that you must:

    - have met each other for at least two years, in person huh, excluding the first time you met for example, on internet. (45 days you`ve been together in total)

    - 3 consecutive months pay slips of your sponsor, means he is earning her a certain amount and that you don`t have to rely on the state when you arrived here

    - proof of relationship ( we submitted very thick files of our travel pictures (decent ones :) ), bus and plane tickets, hotel invoices, our skype messages to each other, the orig copies of cards we sent to each other etc....)

    - they also asked for my medical certificate, of course in their accredited clinics - thats so expensive but just basic test!
    *this is not stated on their website, they asked for it later.

    ---and other requirements,, just check for yourself.

    Please take note that if you apply for any kind of visa, all your requirements should be submitted together otherwise, any missing documents could be the reason of refusal. That`s how strict they are now, unlike before they call if there`s lacking document.

    Result of my cohabitation visa? Refused!!!!

    It was not yet two years that we met each other in person,,,honestly just more than a year that we met each in person. It was my second refusal already, the first was tourist visa.

    So my boyfriend seeked for legal advise here in Belgium. We sued the embassy to the court. We won the case! You know why? There`s a new rule now that anybody can get their partners to Belgium just after a year of their first meeting personally. So from 2 years, its only now 1 year. The embassy does not apply yet the new rule. Right after we won, my visa my approved.

    Going here is another problem. I had so much trouble still with the Ph airport officers and Belgium officers because indeed cohabitation visa is like an extinct visa, rare to encounter. FYI, cohabitation visa is like live-in there in Ph. Here its so common but there it`s like you`re outcast when you do so. When you`re cohabitation visa is approved, I will give you more hint or tips about managing airport officers.

    The consul here who had helped us with my papers was surprised that my cohabitation was approved. It`s his first encounter cause mostly are applying for fiancee visa. Cohabitation visa is much better than fiancee if you will only be approved. You will understand what Im saying once your here already.

    PS. I hope its not true, but I have heard many times already that embassy only approved visas for any relationships whose age gap is not more than 10 years difference.


    Nim of Antwerp City

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