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    thank u so much for this very kind long letter! im so glad u replied!

    u know what i was already twice refused! the first i applied for tourist visa and it was refused second time i applied for cohabitation visa we have gave a lot of paper-works to prove our relationship to the embassy but then it was refused bcos i was only 20 years old wen i applied for cohabitation visa and the refusal of my visa say's that i must be 21 years old to apply for cohabitation now that im already 21 yrs old i apply again for cohabitation visa, we are wishing and hoping my visa will be approved bcos u know what we are already now 3years and 7 months and that we have already see each other for over 196days in reality..

    by the way when did u applied for cohabitation visa? which place are u in antwerpen?

    niceto talk to you,


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