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join the company last june 26 2011 and there is a rule that all employee will give a cheque the amount is 91250 that is for security cheque in case u will resign before so all of us sign because they promise that they will give it back once your 2yrs finish. but i resign last april 8 2013, and then they allow me to resign i was cancelled last april 10 2013 and then i came there last 26 april 2013 to get my passport and i present the ticket so that i can get my passport then i didnt go to airport because i have still time to stay in UAE cause of the 1month notice after cancelation and then this May 23 i received a bank statement in the Emirates nbd that my check is there. they put my check even they know that i dont have money, i dont know what their plan. why they put it it. maybe they will file me a case? like that? how come? we gave only the cheques for security cheque only. im worrying maybe police catch in case i will go airport. i dont have loan or anything with them in fact i already cancelled and clear on the company. im just wondering why they put my cheque in the bank. now im scared. do u think i will be in jail? how can i check if have case or no so that i will not be worry.

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