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website for free sms in the Philippines

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Nowadays,there were a wide range of websites here in the Philippines that offers a free sms..I have checked a lot of these websites.Some of them requires you to have registration first before you could send your sms to your recepient. It was a hassle for me particularly during emergencies.But luckily, I discovered this awesome website http.// don't need to register so there's no hassle in sending sms.Try it!I hope that what I have shared would be also useful for you guys:)

  • Andy Usman

    posted by  in Philippines forum 

    it's nice.. i will share

  • dalina sense

    posted by  in Philippines forum 

    just read your post about and it seems interesting thank you for sharing the site you've known.. now i can send sms when i'm out of load.. i'll share it to my friends..:) thanks again..:)

  • Reese Jane Galido

    posted by  in Philippines forum 

    Thanks Shermaine.My flight was postponed so I think I could use the website even if I am still here in Philippines.Am I right? I really hope that it could help me if I was in Australia in the future.You know I need to contact my relatives here in Philippines.

  • Shermaine Yao


    posted by  Shermaine Yao in Philippines forum 

    As far as I know, you could use the website mentioned above even if you are in abroad.

  • Reese Jane Galido


    posted by  Reese Jane Galido in Philippines forum 

    I am using this website for a month now.It is a good site to have sms.I will go back to Australia next month to visit my mother.Is it applicable in other countries as well?

  • trever james mendez

    posted by  in Philippines forum 

    I have been using this website for almost two months now..It is really a good website.:)

  • geng mawricio

    posted by  in Philippines forum 

    hi..:) thanks for sharing website.. i know it's really helpful website because it can make people to connect.. thanks again.. :)

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