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Business trip to Poland - reliable and unlimited mobile WiFI???

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Hi all!
do anybody know some not very expensive and reliable mobile router which I can rent in Poland? I will be there for business purposes in the end of August and I'm looking for some other option than overcrowded wifi in hotel. I know there's bunch of international and expensive companies that rent routers but they don't have unlimited data... which I admit is the most important thing if you want to connect to the servers and work all day. Using this much data a day (~30-50GB) can ruin my budget.

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    posted by  Maria K in Poland forum 

    If you are looking for a good job in Poland, I recommend trusted agency, it names Ler dant. They helped me a lot also with accommodation. Im from Mongolia

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    posted by  Angie Likaa in Poland forum 

    Hello from an international student of University of Lower Silesia. By the way, I am from Ukraine, but now I am living in Poland. So, Poland is amaizing country to visit. I highly recommend it to you. A lot of information about cities in Poland you can find on Free-Apply. It`s web for students, but on this web you can find a lot of interesting information for you. I highly recommend you to visit Warsaw. So, I hipe this information would be useful for you. Good luck!

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    Wifi in Poland

    posted by  Thomas Hutchins in Poland forum 


    I was in Poland about 2 months ago. I was also thinking how to be connected to the Internet without spending a lot of money. I've rented a temporary MiFi router from Polish WiFi. It worked very well, haven't got any serious problems. I could work remotely and use Facebook and Instagram. Hope it will be helpful :)

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    What about Polish WiFi?

    posted by  Thomas Hutchins in Poland forum 


    I was in Poland two months ago. I was also thinking how to use the Internet without spending a lot of money and to have it everywhere I want. I found company called Polish WiFi and I ordered a MiFi router. It worked very well. Hope it will be an useful advice ;)

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