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Coming to the University of information tech and manegement in Rzeszow

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Next year I plan on entering the "Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie" on the programming specialisation,
so I would appreciate if someone could give me some insight info about pros and cons of this university.

The thing's im very curious about teaching staff and level of teacing in comparison to other Poland universities.
If you are a current student, how (hard) is studying for you? Are you satisfied with the level of teaching, curriculum, etc? I was told stories about talented students getting well-paid jobs even before graduating, is this true?
And ultimately, would you advice entering this university? If i wanna study on Polish, what should my level be like and what is the best way of getting that level within limited time?

Also i would like to know about the city, how big it is, how much stay there would cost, are there
any opportunities to get the job there after graduating/part time job or I would have to move elsewhere.

Thank you in anvance for answering my questions.

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    Hello Denis! :)

    I'm aware that it's a little bit too late, but I will answer your questions and maybe someone else will take advantage of this post.

    Before I begin, please let me tell you, that if you have any question regarding life in Poland, you may JustAsk us to find the answer for you here: (English) or here: (Russian, Ukrainian). Give it a try and see how fast and easily your problems can be solved by our team. We can also talk through Skype.

    Your questions:
    1. Pros and cons of WSiZ University in Rzeszów.
    2. Polish language level required for studies.
    3. Jobs and costs of living in Rzeszów.

    1. In Poland we have 434 universitites. More than 100 of these are government founded institutions, but 302 (and WSIiZ among these) are private. Among some students there is a prevailing stereotype, that private universities are worse, and this is why most of Polish youth decides to study at public universities. However, there are many people who are satisfied with their decision to choose a private university, so there is no rule here.

    According to some trustworthy ranking, WSIiZ is the 10th best private university in Poland - and the best of this type in south-east part of the country.

    Pros and cons depend mostly on individual judgement. Teaching staff and job possibilities also depend heavily on the particular situation. We gathered some opinions about these issues from current students of WSIiZ, but - as these are only private opinions - we don't want to publish it here. If you wish, please text us on Facebook, and we will contact you with the students, so you can have a chat with them.

    2. As far as your Polish language skills are concerned, you don't need to worry. WSIiZ will not ask you to provide any language certificate and your language skills will have no impact on the recruitment process. Only after you will be accepted into the university, you will be asked to take a language exam in order to determine your language level. On the base of the results the university will propose you a free language trainig. Last year the course began on 12th September and lasted 2 weeks.

    3. Rzeszów is the 18th most populated city in Poland. 185 123 people live here. It's quite well communicated with Cracow, and quite badly communicated with Warsaw. It's the capital city of the Voievodship.

    Comparing to other cities of its size, Rzeszów is considered to be a calm and clean place. It usually makes good impression on people from Cracow and Warsaw. Dorm's costs equal 270-400 zł. Tickets to the cinema or the theater cost from 17 to 25 zł. A single bus ticket for student costs 1,70 zł, but it's much cheaper to buy a travel card for the whole semester. Prices of rooms in sharing flats start from 400 zł. You may also rent the whole flat, for example for 700 zł. Please contact us if you would like to know exact prices for particular services and products. We may also help you to buy tickets and deal with formalities.

    For job possibilities - we have no official statistics and it surely depends on the situation, but our friends from Rzeszów claim, that many young people from there look for job in other cities. Please use our Facebook fanpage to let us know what kind of job would interest you, and we will ask Employment Service Agency for some information regarding jobs in Rzeszów for you.

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