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First trip to Warsaw

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Hey everyone,

next month I'm planning on visiting Warsaw for my first time. I made a huge plan what I want to see, however, I'm kind of afraid of going alone. That's why, I'm even thinking go get this tour. But now, the question is. Is this tour good? It looks really nice, however I need your advices.

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    I am an international student of Humanistic Higher School in Leszno. I have been living in Poland 2 years. So, I can say that Poland is amaizing country to visit. I highly recommend it to you. Also, I know that on Free-Apply a lot of information about different countries. Pay your attention on this web. Also, I recommend you to visit Leszno. Leszno is my currently living place. It`s really interesting city!

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    I'm blogging about tourism.
    As an expert in this field, I can recommend this tour. I'm sure you will get a lot of fun from the trip!

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