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Im considering of living in Poland. What is the cost of life and what wage should I aks for? Are 3000 zloty enough to live in Wroclaw?
Thanks very much

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    Hi there. I had a great opportunity to study in Academy of Music in Łódź as an international student last year. So, I can say that it`s really cool opportunity for everyone. Also, I can highly recommend you Free-Apply. It`s really cool web. Here you`ll find all detail information about fees, the costs of living and so on. I really happy that I had such a great experiance to study abroad. So, I hope I helped!

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    It depends on how you live :-)
    If you're not mad enough but do not expect luxury.
    Write accurately for example:your.apartment or rented, how many meters as district (center or on the sides) or own restaurants or fast food, etc.

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