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Warsaw & Wroclaw Comparison

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Hi All,

I just want to know that which city is a better city for a overseas english speaking student from India?
I mean which is the easy place to get job better & cheaper place to stay affordable food.
Overall i just want to know which is the place where i can get a job easily & cover my living expenses.

Thanks in Advance

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    Hi! I am an international student of Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Lodz. From my personal experiance I can say that Warsaw is better place for international student. In Warsaw international students have the oppotrunity to live and study in a comfortable learning environment. Also, I recommend you Free-Apply web. On web you`ll find a lot of information about your question. Good luck!!

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    Hi Karan,

    In Warsaw it is easier to get a job, and it usually is better paid than anywhere else. However Wroclaw is more cheaper place to leave at.

    I would personally advise Wroclaw - as it is much more beautiful place :)
    There are also a lot of Shared Service Centers in Wroclaw constantly looking for a multi language personnel - so it shouldn't be difficult to find a job there.


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