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    Hello Jamal shah ,
    Thank you for your mail and sorry for my late response okay,
    we have so many business cilent to take care of,
    Please it will take 5 to 15 days for your invitation to be ready.
    after you payment we are going to send you an Invitation and voucher by DHL,
    your visa will be given on arriale at the airprot in poland,Our airport
    Transfer cost is fix at Euros 60 for a person to any Hotel around the
    city of Prishtina in Warsaw and for the Hotel we can arange an apartment
    or single room for your client okay.we can also provide you with Russia,Estonia,Kosovo,Moldova,etc Invitation okay.

    Our invitation prices list :
    1 month invitation costs 550 Euros
    3 months invitation costs 700 Euros
    6 months invitation costs 960 Euros
    1year invitation costs 1430 euros
    You must send us the following
    -A Copy of your scand passport .
    -Date of arrival.
    -Date of Departure .
    frave Yolaine
    sale maneger
    west travel inc

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