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Moved from London to Łódź and looking to connect with both British and Polish

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Hi there. I recently moved to Łódź with my family, where my wife is from originally. I am a professional tap dancer and we also have a health and wellness business which is launching into Poland on 1st October 2014. Looking to meet new friends and business partners both British and Polish, and also to raise the profile of tap dance in Poland. We have two daughters (bi-lingual), 3 years old and 10 months old, so would love for them to meet other children and to find out about any fun places to take them.

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    Hello. I am an international student of State Higher Vocational School in Walcz. By the way, I`m from Ukraine. I really happy that I have such a great opportunity to study and live in Poland. Also, I am living in campus. I`ll happy to see you here. All information about the campus and my university location you can find on Free-Apply web. I highly recommend it to you. So, I hope I helped!

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    Hi Chris! Are you still in PL, I am trying to contact you by FB as well, have you seen my message (PM)?

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