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Azores Long term Rentals.

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Good Day!

We're moving and retiring to the Azores Islands from the USA in a matter of months (fingers crossed!) and we were trying to get a heads up on rental agencies, sites, etc.
We're just looking to rent at first, but finding outlets to peruse the options very limited.
Is there any advice someone can offer? Are we better off just arriving and navigating the rentals then?
Thanks for reading and hoping everyone is having a grand day!!

  • Ralph Kunze

    posted by  in Portugal forum 

    Hi J H,
    there are still 2 single/double rooms to let from October 2016.
    But some people want to see it first before they decide - which is understandable.

  • Ralph Kunze

    posted by  in Portugal forum 

    Hi Taylor,

    I just saw your question about rentals in the Azores.
    We lived in Sao Miguel for 15 years, than we went back to Germany with our kids because of their education. Now we are also retired and want go back to our house in Sao Miguel. Because it is a guesthouse, we had the idea to share it together with other longterm renters like you. Minimum stay would be 3 months.
    We offer double rooms with private bath/shower, terrace. And you share with us the big living area, kitchen, winter garden and the subtropical garden. For short term guests there is a wooden house in the garden.

    If you are interested, please write to [...] and we will send you more information and pictures.

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