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Moving To Portugal to Study

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I am hopefully moving to Portugal from London to study a Master’s Degree for one year in Lisbon this coming February and I have a few questions.

1) I have researched a bit and apparently As a EU citizen I am entitled to the same state grants/loans as Portugal Citizens, Can anybody confirm this and what exactly it is? I’ve read that its some contribution to tuition fees and living costs?

2) To get the state grants/loans I believe I am required to first be 'resident' in Portugal aka have a Permit. How difficult is this to get hold of? I was planning to come one month in advance rent and get a contract agreement to show the relevant authorities. Is it as easy as it sounds?

3) How easy is it to open a bank account?

4) How easy is it to get a room to rent and how much would it cost for a month?

5) How Like London is Lisbon? Is it always warm?

6) Any 'council' run classes to help foreigners learn Portuguese

7) What can I expect: D??

8) Anything else I should know

Thanks a lot.


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    I teach you portuguese and you help me to improve my english?

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    Hi Jim!

    A room would cost approximately 200-250 euros in a shared flat in Lisbon and you may have to pay your share of the utilities. For example if you share with 2 other roommates you´d pay 1/3 of the utilites. The amount would depend on how much all of you use. That is water, gas and electric.

    Have no clue about the grants situation but you can touch base with a few of the local universities. One of the biggest is Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

    Pretty simple to open a bank account, make sure you take proof of address (like a lease agreement) and passport

    Weather is much better climate than London with much less rain and comfortable temperatures. But it can get a bit hot in summer and cold in winter (make sure your flat has heat either central or portable radiators because the older buildings have no insulation)

    Getting around the city is pretty easy via bus or metro and a monthly pass would cost just under 30 euros

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