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Hello all!

I plan a backpacking travel, mostly for hiking on Terceira and other Azores islands.

Any general tips / "must know" facts?
Can someone recommend a simple place to stay in after the flight near the airport/Lajes?
Is there a tourist information office in Praia? Are there maps of Azores in English?
Is there an updated list of camping sites on Azores? Via Google I've found information mostly about Terceira.
What are the prices like for basic foods, such as bottled water, bread, canned food?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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    Facts: You can experience 4 weather seasons in one single day!; Friendly persons;

    You have a few places to stay, all depend on how much you want to spend;

    You have a tourism office at the airport:

    Camping: At least one park per island;

    Prices(depending on brands and quantities):
    Bread: 1 - 2€ / Kg
    Water: 0,10 - 0,70€ / Lt
    Canned Food(eg. Tuna): 7 - 20€ / Kg

    Enjoy Azores!

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