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My family may be moving to the Azores next year due to military transfer. I know Portuguese is one of the primary languages in the Azores so I looked at Rosetta stone. They only offer Portuguese (Brazil). Is there much of a difference between Portuguese spoken in Brazil vs Portuguese in the Azores? Is it comparable to Spanish in Spain vs Mexico? If I learn the Brazilian dialect would it get me by while in the Azores?

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    Well I do agree with you about what you said, but I have my doubt about the people here judge you "better" than others just because you were speaking a portuguese with an accent from the Maindland, although I belive your choose was the best one(I mean choose European Portuguese over Brazilian one) By the way a little curiosity, we here have a lot of words adapted from the english(at least on my island)....Like friza from fridge...) or stoa....from store(those ones who speak like that went to USA\Canada and stay there for several years then back to here)none of this words it's really right to use but at least on my island they're accepted:P

    also...almost every person from here(the islands) have family either on canada or usa....and I would risk and say...mostly ones would like to go to one of those places...:P

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    I'm sure the brazilian accent will help you go throw the language barrier, because we're Portuguese(not speak just about azoreans) are totally used to the brazilian portuguese, althought we do have a few differences on the language, a good way to make sure everyone will understand you, it's avoiding the use of slangs, because we have a big difference to them in a matter of slangs... also you will need some time to get used to our accent, because it does change from island to island and from place to place, for exemple I'm from São Miguel and we have a "lot" of micro accents inside our island, each place of the island have their own way to talk, but it doesn't make us to have problem to understand each other(by the way I'm just speaking about azorean people...not the ones from the mainland portugal...or the other archipelago of madeira, because those ones have serious problems to understand us)

    for the first guy who answer you, I don't think our portuguese is that similar as you said, I'm from azores and I already went to lisbon for a couple of times and the first times I went there noone understand me, because of my "Micaelense accent" so I had to learn to speak slowly..and speak each word correctly without being feeding myself with the latters of each word....(yes we do speak point to "eat" letter lool)

    and to answer the last guy, the island you're talking about it's the "Terceira Island" they has an "american base" (althought it's not really's just rent by them...) and I can't give you more information about the island because I'm not from there so I have no idea if theres any american school for the enlisted's kids(I have some doubt's about it but who knows)

    I hope I could help both of you with your doubts and sorry any possible mistake I might have done...I keep trying to improve myself at english:P

    anyways anything else just ask it here and when I see it I will try to answer back as quick as possible

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    The dialect in the Azores is closer to that of mainland Portugal. When I heard I was going to be assigned there I signed up for the Foreign Area Officer online foreign language program, but it too was Brazilian Portuguese. It didn't really help, but they will give you a short language course when you get there that will help with shopping and exploring off-base. As with any community near a military base, the locals have mixed opinions about us being there and will respond to your English in the manner that fits their personal opinion, if you know what I mean. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years there and would love to go back, but I am not in the military any more and jobs there for expats are basically non-existent. I hope that helps.

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    Language here in Azores

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    any Portugues or spanish you learn will help you here.both are very simular to portugues here

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