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Leaving the Azores after 40 years in Sao Miguel

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We love the islands and specially our place in Sao Miguel, but we're getting older and all our kids and grandchildren are in Germany. So we decided to move back in our homeland.
We are looking now for reliable people to rent or buy our house - or to share it (because sometimes we could come back for a shorter period).
If you are interested, please write us with some details and we will give you more details.

  • Uwe Radu

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    Hi Ralph, I started thinking about doing the exact opposite: considering the Azores for the latter part of my life. I'm a German citizen who grew up in Europe and also lived in Australia and here the USA. Raised two kids here in the US, which will always tie me to this part of the world, but I also have much family in Germany and Spain. I would prefer a warmer climate for later life, and have always been fascinated by island life in general. It seems living in the Azores would offer the best of climate, peace and quiet, and being close to both continents. I'm an IT consultant, so especially in this post-Covid world remote work shouldn't be an issue.

    My plan is to first come on a working visit there for a month or two, to give me enough time to explore the area and get a feel for the less tangible considerations of such a transition. Next, I would look at some real estate there. I'm very handy and have already renovated my current house, so wouldn't mind doing that with a property there. Once finished I may AirBnb it for a few years, until my transition plan solidifies and I maybe get a little closer to retirement (tuning 51 this summer). Wouldn't mind having a place where I can spend a few months a year working and relaxing from meanwhile.

    What are your thoughts on this type of transition, with your 40 years of experience living there? If your house is available for a 1-2 month stay for an initial visit, or even just to pick your brain and learn more about life there, please drop me a line.

    Uwe in Tennessee

  • Ralph Kunze

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    Hi Tommy,

    in this stage of corona we don't want to sell instantly, but we are looking for people living with us in the main house or the cottage.


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    Hi Ralph, I am looking to buy a house in Sao Miguel.
    Would appreciate if you can share some details on what you've got to sell.

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