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Looking to make Azores my next home.

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Been traveling for a while now. Currently in Spain, but looking to head to Azores. Can someone recommend expat friendly areas? Will be looking for work as well, don't have paperwork in order, but willing to break a sweat. Thanks in advance.

  • Jason Smith

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    How so? You can email me directly at [...]

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    I can help.


  • Dawn Wesolek

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    I am there again in April so can let you know a bit about Sao Miguel. If you go now it's low season so cheaper to rent, fly etc. My experience in Dec was most people in the capitol speak English. Better to learn portuguese for respect hence my daily practice since I have been back. I met a few American expats in Ponta Delgada. Every island is unique. The pace of life is slower and the people are amazing. Work wise the situation there is not good for Azoreans and it's a family orientated culture where people look after their own. If you have remote work that is ideal. If you are just travelling that's great too. Don't expect it to be like Spain. My experience is its totally different.
    The people are welcoming and lovely. The island needs sustainable travellers who respect nature. It's not the Algarve or the canaries. Don't expect loads of night clubs and all night bars.
    Hope I have painted a fair picture.It is an amazing place.
    Should ya be there in spring perhaps we shall meet. Tis a small world.

  • Ana Paula

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    Hi Jason. I currently live in the US but did spend a few years in the Azores. Would be happy to help connect you to a few people. You can reach me directly via email at [...]

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