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Moving from the U.s. to Ponte Delgada

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I visited the island of Sao Miguel for one week, called my husband and said we're moving. I've traveled a lot and never felt this before, it felt like home. It may take a year or two to make the move, but we're doing it. I would love any advice or information on rules, regulations, recommendations on how to move from the U.S. to Ponte Delgada. We already have a local friend there that is helping us with what he can on the island, but logistics like shipping (what not to bring and what to bring), starting a business there, documentation to complete before making the move, etc etc.

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    Hiya Heather, I am currently in the process of applying for a residence visa for Terceira Island. It has not been as easy as all the articles I read. If I had known how complicated it would become I would have started sooner. You will need an FBI report, and when you receive it you need to mail it back to Federal State Department to get an apostille on it.

    Also if you want to sign a long term lease, you need your NIF. If you know someone you trust on the island, they can apply for you, but you need a limited power of attorney in both English and Portuguese. There are not a lot of attorneys who have the knowledge, but you can send the English copy to a translation service to get it in Portuguese. When you get it back, then you have to take it to your secretary of state to get an apostille on it. I am thinking about signing a short term lease and apply for NIF when I arrive on the island. And of course, there is no guarantee I will get the visa. I am applying as a retiree.

    As for furniture, I am not taking anything other than a few personal items, and getting my son to ship my books and pictures once I get settled.

    I wish you the best of luck on your move. And even though it has been a frustrating time, it is going to be more than worth it.


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    Be very careful with realestate agent's here..they like to jack up prices for foreigners.. moving is not hard..I have a good lawyer who is very reasonable and gets stuff done quickly..a real gentleman.. email me..! [...]..

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    I’m on a 4 year schedule to make my move. Please post updates if possible.

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