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Moving from the U.s. to Ponte Delgada

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I visited the island of Sao Miguel for one week, called my husband and said we're moving. I've traveled a lot and never felt this before, it felt like home. It may take a year or two to make the move, but we're doing it. I would love any advice or information on rules, regulations, recommendations on how to move from the U.S. to Ponte Delgada. We already have a local friend there that is helping us with what he can on the island, but logistics like shipping (what not to bring and what to bring), starting a business there, documentation to complete before making the move, etc etc.

  • Kevin Barry

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    Be very careful with realestate agent's here..they like to jack up prices for foreigners.. moving is not hard..I have a good lawyer who is very reasonable and gets stuff done quickly..a real gentleman.. email me..! [...]..

  • Mark Yozie

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    I’m on a 4 year schedule to make my move. Please post updates if possible.

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