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Moving to the Azores

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My wife and I just returned from our third visit to the Azores, this time spending more than a week looking at properties to buy and ultimately rent out as a holiday let until we finalize our transition to the islands. Currently we are deciding between an older house on Sao Miguel and a newer house in Faial. Obviously the thought of a larger renovation project is a bit daunting so wanted to ask the forum if anyone knew of a reliable contractor on Sao Miguel? We don't speak any Portuguese so would need some essential understanding of English.
Can anyone give some insight into expat life on Sao Miguel? In Faial the expat community seemed quite close, how is it on the larger island? Any specific details to guide us would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Kevin Barry

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    look up SDEA in will get all info or send me your email I can forward on info and contact person.. sorry for late response.. regards me on Watts app anytime with questions..+351913548987

  • Joel Gibson

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    Hi Kevin Barry, my partner and I are moving to Sao Miguel in February to open a guest house. What is this EU funding you received?


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    Thanks a mill for the quick response. We have decided against the renovation project in Sao Miguel and opted for a slightly more modern house in Faial. It will mostly just need landscaping and less renovation of the house itself. Hope to gain some insights and then help out other people who'd like to move there :-)

  • Kevin Barry

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    Hi there..I came on vacation here almost 2 years ago. I fell in love with the place and brought an investor from Saudi Arabia...were now opening a boutique hotel in an old building and a few pub's and restaurants here in Vila Franca do Campo...were getting EU funding also up to 65%...guest house business is what you want here..small family will sell out all year if you want...[...].... I'm available to help you as much as I can..also we know a great English speaking best regards to you both..

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