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Portuguese Classes on Faial Island

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Does anyone know of either a non-immersion Portuguese language class on Faial Island or someone who is able to speak English and Portuguese that I can pay for language lessons?


Warm Regards,

  • Christine Sousa

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    Please e-mail my friend Andre who is an amazing teacher at [...]. He is also teaching a course in Faial on July 29. I posted this event on here as well.

  • Robert Hahn

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    Hi Cindy,
    I just took a level A1 course (150 hrs) here on Terceira for free which was offered by AIPA, however there were 15 students in the our class. It was a great way to met other people too. You will receive a certificate which you can use when applying for your permanent residency. You can contact them to see if there is a course offered in Faial. I also love
    Boa sorte

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