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    I from and living in Madeira Island. Here is a land of opportunities for you. The foreigners are not outsiders at all, they're MOST WELCOME TOURISTs even when living here... There are some countryside people here that don't even know how to write a sentence in portuguese,their language, but they give direccions to tourists in english (ex:chuch? left, rigth, ja chega la...) I don't know almost nothing from mainland but one thing Portuguese (islands and mainland) have good is the food (both meat and fish) and of course, the wine.
    Like I said, you had a really bad experience... You met a jerk and had kids with him, that's your fault not all portuguese people fault, thinking like that you're beeing racist!!!! There are idiots everywere. I'm very sad after reading your post!!
    If you ever feel the need or try to see what's good here, I can certaintly receive you at my home for as long as you want and show you a thing or two about the Portugal I live in... If you want you can bring a friend, I have a spare room. you will never want to leave again.
    I hope my english is good enough for you to understand. If you check my profile, I'm very easy to contact. All the best and good luck!

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