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    I have replied to this post already. However, I'll reply again. Your topic was , and still is, presumably: 'To live in Portugal is a huge mistake'. Yet, your commentary concerns itself little with living in Portugal, it , merely, attacks the Portuguese with sentences inspired by a reading age of four and an I.Q which has obviously been taken from a box of cornflakes! '...a school that don't know how to speak English' - obviously written by someone who 'don't know' how to write it! Sorry, no disrespect intended but, you say the Portuguese are the most boring people yet, your commentary has just put my glass eye to sleep! Given the choice of reading your hackneyed nonsense and watching paint dry- I'll go with the paint!

    And, let's be honest, you claim that your children (And I doubt whether you have any real ones- putting pipe-cleaners for arms and cotton-wool for hair on a clothes peg do not make a child!) have Portuguese blood....the only way that could happen is if you ransacked a Portuguese graveyard and drew blood from a freshly-buried corpse with your crack needle!

    Yours is the worst type of racist chant ever!

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