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    your post doesn't have a sense of truth.people in portugal are very polite,everyone say good morning when they go inside the elevator it doesn't matter they know you or not,you go any where you hear greetings and thanks from coffee shops to banks and administrations.they are helpful too if you don't speak their language they try to speak english for you to understand.if you want to cross the road they stop.what else do you want ???and the list is long and long .i'm married with portuguese i don't speak the language and i'm talking from experience i go anywhere i want i don't need hubby with me because people are so nice and helpful.
    you said the food is unhealthy ,hahahhhhhhhhh you made me laugh.what about burgers in usa and mayo and ketchup ,boiled potatos are healthier than fried .for sure you don't know how to cook and you have no idea what you are talking about.
    for sure you have some family issues that you couldn't fix and you came here to spread you poison .if you are good person you would never think about making your kids[ who are portuguese] hate portugal and hate their race.don't use your kids in your war against your in laws.grow up and seek mental help.good luck

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