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    What the F:::

    posted by  Kikas Rodri in Centro forum 

    How in the world can someone have permission to wright something so so stupid like this??? Listen , if u had any bad experiences with your husband and in-laws u dont have the right to just came here and slunder all the Portuguese people!!! Do u in the US by any chance have portuguese language in your schools??? I DONT THINK SO!!!!! So i do we portuguese have to have your language in our country??? Are u crazy? And another thing, obviously u are a very ignorant person if the only thing about portuguese cuisin is just potatos and omelette, the portuguese cuisin is one of the best and with most variety in the world. So go back to your country bcause u are not welcome here. As for the foreigners, i have worked with some and all of them have good opinions about the portuguese people, offcourse u will find bad people everywhere in the wourld that is obvious but u have no wright to put down all Portuguese people!!!!

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