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    Portuguese racist???? Do you have any knowledge of history? The Portuguese were the culture that taught the world how to navigate the oceans. Their country has been invaded and held by others many times from the Romans to the Moors and French over the past millennium. Often with invaders sharing the country. This is one of the most welcoming cultures in Europe.

    I moved from Texas 3 years ago and it has lived up to all my expectations. This is where I'll retire and live out my life. Traveling/studying extensively but not nearly enough time to devour all the history and art.

    Here's some advice as you seem to make the same mistake of most Americans when traveling/moving abroad.

    Rule #1 You move to a non English speaking country? Don't EXPECT them to speak English primarily. Think how stupid it would look for a Portuguese to move to America and EXPECT everyone to speak Portuguese.

    Rule #2 Not sure what rock you live under but there is much more to Portuguese food than potatoes, eggs and omelettes. But maybe if you would learn to read a menu you'd have more choices to order from than batatas and ovos.

    Rule #3 Trashing the food, people and culture you are trying to live in doesn't usually help you make friends.

    Rule #4 Raising your children to hate whether it be others or a country never brings about productive, happy, well adjusted young adults.

    Word of Advice You love the Spanish? Not much more than a few hours by car or train from anywhere in Portugal. Bye. Or, the same plane that brought you from the US goes back that way most everyday.

    One of the reasons I moved here was to get away from narrow minded people such as yourself. You weren't born here, don't like it here, have nothing positive to add here so simply go away and be just as miserable somewhere else.

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