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life costs in Coimbra

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I'm planning to spend an academic year 2009/10 in Coimbra as a scholarship granted student. I'm interested thus in how high the life costs are in Coimbra, and in Portugal generally.
How high are the accomodation costs? Is it possible for a student to find an apartment at, let's say, 300 euros at month?
One more thing: is the food very expensive? What about the meals at the restaurants?

Every information you give me will be extremely helpful :)

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    I find your comments very encouraging :) I really appreciate them ;)

    Thanks once again

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    Thank you very much for your reply! :))))

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    Hi Paola,
    I live about 20 minutes from Coimbra and visit there often.
    If you can live outside the city and travel in (trains are very good and cheap in Portugal) you will find it is far cheaper to rent a place to live than in the city. Also the restaurants and shops are cheaper outside.
    I think you will survive OK on 600 euros a month without too much partying !

    Good Luck !!!


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    Thanks for letting me know about the forum, I've signed in :)
    I see you're a big Portugal fan :) Have fun then in Aveiro and thanks once again for all the information you gave me, it's been very helpful.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me to get the scholarship ;)


  • David Schmitz

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    yes, i have lived in Portugal for a year in 2005/2006, have been there thousands of times for holiday and will spend another year in Aveiro from september 2009 on.

    If you want some more information about the land, its culture etc. and if you want to practice portuguese, I would like to invite you to sign up in my new Portugal-Forum, in which I try to create a multicultural and multilingual community.
    I would be very happy to see you signed-up there. You will be welcome to post your experiences during your stay!

    check out please


  • life costs in Coimbra

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    Hi, David!

    First of all, thank you very much for your response. And you're right, I'm Croat. How are you related to Portugal? Did you live there for some time?

    Well I just wanted to know if the amount of the scholarship I'm applying for (600 euros) would be enough to "survive" for a month. I'm very pleased with the information you gave me :)
    I hope I'll get that scholarship and with it also the opportunity to enjoy in Portugal, whose language I adore and I'm very willing to learn it to perfection.

  • David Schmitz

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    Hi Paola,

    I think that flag beneath your picture is the croatian one, isn't it?

    I don't know what life costs in croatia, so expensive or not is relative.

    You can probably live in flat community with one or two other students for less than 300Eur. Ich you want to live alone, it will become more expensive!

    In Portuguese restaurants (not the five-star ones, but these where every portuguese uses to go), you get alway a "prato do dia" (meal of the day) for about 5-7Eur. This is quiet cheap and normally very well made.

    You will need about 30Eur per week for buying alimentation, depending on how much you eat, and what it is.

    Have fun in Coimbra ;-)

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