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hey guys, how r u doing, wish u r doing well...
im bedo, i just arrived Portugal, coming from china, i was studying in china master degree in management and engineering, i already graduated and came to Portugal to find a work and as well start a new life with a new experience, i have 3 questions:
1- i cant speak Portuguese, where to find someone to exchange language (English- Portuguese) i mean a language partner
2- any clue how to find a part time job or if any of you can help about it( i have bachelor in civil engineering and master in management) so i can do any work related to business, management, sales, marketing, engineering, etc
3- i want to make new friends, which im very social and since im here in Portugal im feeling lonely and dont have friends(especially i dont speak Portuguese) so any clue how to meetup some English speaking people ?

sorry for my long message
regards :))

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