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How is dental treatment in Portugal?

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Lately I've been having some teeth problems. I went to the dentist here in Spain and as a result I will have to undergo a dental fillings treatment. I already let my wisdom tooth pull out in Belgium, which has cost me 30 euros. I'm still considering though doing this treatment in Portugal. How much does it cost to do such a treatment and is it reliable?
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  • Saul Rodrigues

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    I know the question was posted long time ago, but I may be helping new users having the same question.
    Dental treatment, of any kind is in most cases very good.
    Some years ago there was a problem with Brazilian dentists that were practicing here without proper equivalence of graduation. That was quite of an issue. Now, my only advice on the Brazilian dentists issue is: always check for references. OK it goes for all dentists.
    But in general, the dentists here are quite good, do a clean and good looking work (no gold thees here, like in some countries). We have some of the best world renewed dentists, like Dr. Maló.
    The only issue is the price. Not for my experience, since I don't need, but dentists can be quite expensive.

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