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Best apps for travellers

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Since I travel quite a lot and wish to be a full-time traveler soon, I decided that it would be cool and hopefully helpful to share some of my traveling tips. I made a list of my top 5 travel apps that I use and some of them are quite surprising.

1. Google translator - That's kind of obvious, but so far never found any better option for the translator than Google translator. At first, I tried to be kind of old fashioned and to use the books, but after some time I gave up.
2. Nordvpn - it might seem not that important at first sight, but don't underrate it so fast. Everyone who travels keep looking for a coffee shop or restaurant that would have free wifi and it's ok, I do that too. The only problem is that most people don't know about the danger of it. When you use free wifi, it's just a matter of seconds for a hacker to get all of your info you have in your device, including online banking info and etc. When I found this out, I bought myself a Nordvpn right away. Besides, if there's any internet blocks/restrictions it allows you to overcome Geoblocks easily and use whatever sites or apps you want.
(some people reported that their main website is blocked in UAE so you can try this one
3. - I believe some of you have already heard about it, but it's a truly amazing app. You can use without any internet, just need to download the maps before going on a trip. The good thing is that it not only shows roads but also restaurants, buildings and etc. So it's basically google maps just no need of internet.
4. XE - it's a currency exchange app that will quickly help you to figure out the price you're paying in your own currency. Simple as that, but sometimes it's really necessary.
5. Flush - shows the public toilets around you. I didn't even have a clue that such an app exists, but here we are and now it's in my top 5 apps for traveling. It might sound funny, but sometimes it can be super convenient.

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