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British Lady Counsellor in Psychology at Self-Employed Freelance

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UK qualified Counseller who can provide support and treatment to people who have been diagnosed with various psychiatric problems . In addition to Substance Misuse Counselling, Listed are some other therapies I can provide for my clients.

-CBT/Cognitive and behavioural therapies
-Person Centered Therapy
-Employment Support couseling
-Couples counseling
-Anxiety-Humanistic therapies
-Anger management
-Depression & Anxiety
-Domestic violence
-Panic Attacks
-Psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies
-Addiction to drugs or alcohol-
-Counseling to friends and families of addicts whose lives are negatively impacted by drug or alcohol abuse*

I can work with clients on a one on one basis, or with many clients at once in group sessions.

Please feel free to contact me for appointment Mobile No. 74098106 (all clients are treated in strictness of confidence)

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