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I am a Qatari Investor looking for the right person

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Dear all,

I am a Qatari investor looking for the right honst person.

I have a vast experience in Qatar and have many contacts. The person that should contact me is the one that has a vision complemented with a good business plan. I am looking for an honest, hard working person that is interested in working in Qatar and doing Business. If you think you are the person please contact me on: [...]

Please DO NOT contact me if you do not have the right experience or if you are not sure what type of Business you want to start.


Abdulla Al-Attiyah

  • Nilesh Joshi

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Dear Mr Rafeek,
    Thanks for the try to call me. Please believe me this is my mobile number. I haven't got any call. You can try again or can pass me your number. Mine is Iraq number: 00 964 7502010814. You can also call me on skype. My id is Indiahouseltd.
    Thanks and regards,
    Nilesh Joshi

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    Reply to Nilesh

    posted by  Rafeek VV in Qatar forum 

    Dear Nilesh
    I called on the number you had given no answer , please try to give me a correct no

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    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Hi Mr. Rafeek VV,

    We need finance for our running business at Mumbai. Please revert if still your are having interest.
    [...] or visit our website: for further details of our business

  • Nilesh Joshi

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Hi Rafeek V V ,
    Thanks for the response.
    How do we proceed? Can I have your background and profile? Where are you these days? Sorry for all these questions but I am sure you must be aware of great brains on the net who can scam anyone with their well laid plans.
    Anyway, you can write to me in detail: [...] or can call me on 00 964 7502010814.
    Thanks and regards,
    Nilesh Joshi

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    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Please if you are looking a investor reply me with details

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    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Dear Mr / Mrs.

    We are a new company from Indonesia which has some project design, project One is the establishment of gas stations, and Developer.

    Projects we have prepared 100% run, we also have to have a very competent team and very prepared. Our team consists of people who have worked for decades in the field.

    But we have a very big problem, namely the problem FUND.

    We have read your website, we think you can help our problems, which is why we contacted you, we hope you are able to provide solutions to our problems, and we hope you are able and willing to resolve our problems and cooperate with us.

    If you are interested in cooperation and help us please contact us at:


    We implore you to cooperate with us. We really hope to get good news from you.

    We are ready to give our project design to you if needed.

    Thank You

    Yours sincerely

    AnD Corp.
    Ardi Firman Sinatrya

  • Ahamed Zainy

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    We are a security solution company where we do supply and install CCTV camera solutions and wide range of access control systems and network solutions and fiberoptic solutions and etc.... We are looking forward to undertake wide range of projects so will be needing a investor support and we can discuss May things if u can come throw my email :[...]

    Kind regards

  • raed raeed

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    i am saudi living in qatar , i did read you post once and again and again , although its old post but i find my slef love to reply ,
    if you can till me what does't mean Albaga on the subject , then we can do alot, if no, please ignour my reply

    Best regards

    abu khalid

  • Nilesh Joshi

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Hi Abdullah,
    Are you still looking for a right person and business opportunity? If yes, pls revert as I have started my own business in Erbil, Iraq and have many opportunities here in Kurdistan.
    Nilesh Joshi

  • Rozhan

    posted by  in Qatar forum 

    Dear Natan,
    Do you mean Twixer or Mr, Abdulla?
    Because we are company Twixer and we are located in Netherlands.
    And Mr. abdulla someone from Qatar.
    But in every case we are also willing to set up second Twixer there.
    Let us know it.

    I am waiting for you response.

    Yours sincerely,

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