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I am a Qatari Investor looking for the right person

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Dear all,

I am a Qatari investor looking for the right honst person.

I have a vast experience in Qatar and have many contacts. The person that should contact me is the one that has a vision complemented with a good business plan. I am looking for an honest, hard working person that is interested in working in Qatar and doing Business. If you think you are the person please contact me on: [...]

Please DO NOT contact me if you do not have the right experience or if you are not sure what type of Business you want to start.


Abdulla Al-Attiyah

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    Hi Mr. Abdullah,

    Before one can provide you with a honest and viable business proposal, there are more questions to ask as you didnt indicate them in your request. What is the size of your capital and how much money are you willing to invest. Is the capital in question enough for a small, medium or large enterprise. If you answer thse few questions for me I will provide you with the right profitable business to invest in there in Qatar.

    Best regards,
    Rakib Tamim

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    Good day, I am Michael Etaifo, a Nigerian. In the Nigerian economy, the fastest booming business now is in the IT Industry. Importation and sales of Laptops, desktops, GSM phones, and other Information and Technology and Telecommunication gadgets.

    Also, i am an expert in forex trading. But my challenge is capital. Only the big shot make it in forex because they have large capital base but this is what i don't have. i have been looking for an investor that will invest. And you can put me to test before investing a large sum of money. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Michael Etaifo

  • Khalid Ali

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    Dear Abdullah,

    My name is Khalid from Sultanate of Oman. I have gone through your post.
    If you are interested to invest in Oman, Oman market & economy considered smaller than UAE & Saudi but it’s full of opportunities and much less competition.
    I am accountant, 28 years old, having very well idea of the world business and global trading. I used to work in Bank Muscat LC Department.
    I wish if I get the chance to meet you and discuss more in business.
    Please contact me on 0096895220877 or [...]
    By the way, I sent you one more message to your mailbox, please check.

    Khalid Al Salti

  • sara abdallah

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    I find your proposal very interesting
    I can be useful are Laureta and speak languages
    Arab living in Europe

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    if you search a honest one .i have diploma in secretary.i have baccalaureat .my education is vocational college.i will be happy inshallah if i work with your team.thanks

  • Davis Jones

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    Dear Abdulla,

    First may i thank you for being honest and looking for the same category person, but i wanna ask you some few Questions,, What type of Business do u desire to start?

    2: Are able to invest out of the country if given chance?
    3: Do you have prefference/nationality or Age limit for the Optimistic person willing to join your Business?
    4: Last but not least if you are ready for anyone even someone out of the country i would like to meet you in person or we discuss the issue of what type of business ,even if am able to invest it myself but i can advice on the capable person to do it with my advice and directions based on my experiences.

    Till then you can also reach me on this mail [...]
    Hope to talk soon.
    Nice day!

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