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Looking for Partner to enjoy with me in my big future product

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I'm with Davison company for few months ( this company take the edia project , they get deep research internationally if any product like it exist , so I passed oll that as my future product is uniq no other product like it in the market . So baisycly I will be in competition with the rest of the rezor blade shaving company ( gillet...) as they provide shaving and me I will provide sharp shape up . And Davison company they very happy to doied as soon as possible with last teknologie of design, develop , publicity, packaging. Right know I'm really financially straglen , and I like to finish my product , i fill the sucsse in that . Oll that coming from my 10 years experience of barbering. So please there is no time to weast. If any one hi like to put his money and in secure , this project is gonna provide that . I have oll my paper work oll the research the company do and I have the agreement and percentage of the project hi will in secsess witch is 99 present. Think you

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