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Organic and Gluten free food in Qatar

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A wide range of Organic and gluten free products are now available in Qatar, below are the details

- For Organic Food consumers: "Rapunzel" (
- Gluten Free consumers: "Dr.Schar"
- Lactose intolerance consumers : "Silk"
- Organic Baby food: "Happy Baby" (
- Healthy and Organic Snack bars consumers :
"simply bar" (
and " taste of Nature" (

Where can you Buy them: we are supplying them to "Almeera" and Gean hyper markets, currently the items are in Aldafna, ALhilal, Alnasr,airport and Alwakra also, Gean Hyper market in Hayyat Plaza

if anyone has any questions or need some help @qatar_organic

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