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Salary adivce

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Hi all,

What monthly salary should I ask for if I have to move a wife and 2 kids to Qatar and cover all my own costs (ie company not paying for anything) Also what currency US$ or EU$?

I would be working in a fairly senior role and would like a good standard of living (equivalent to reasonable western standard) and be able to save a fair bit of money. (I would only take the job to make good money because I already work and do OK in my current life).

I assume I would need to:
Rent a fully furnished house
Lease or buy a car
Flight costs there and back whole family a couple of times a year
Costs for child care/education (children are 1 and 3)
Living expenses (food, utilities, fuel etc)
Being able to save at least US5,000 a month

  • keam Rasoul

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    i hope we will see u on qatar

    i think 13-15,000 us$ will cover all expenses and save 5000$

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